How Parents Affect Career Plans of the Youth in Nigeria

The Best Future for the Youth in Nigeria
Children are the greatest assets of any nation.
They are the future and need the utmost care and attention. If they are carefully guided and educated and given opportunities to grow in their chosen fields, they will be the greatest source of strength, resourcefulness and creativity for the country. If left unattended with no opportunity for a good education and employment, they will be left to themselves and easily misguided, they can become a threat to the nation. The modular home project has helped give the Nigerian family the security and comfort it needs to bring up happy and secure children.
Parents are the first ones to teach and train a child from his or her infant-hood and continue to be one of the most important influences for the rest of their lives.

Although mostly positive, this influence can be negative. The mother more or less plays the vital role in molding the character of the child while the father is often away at work or absent completely.The majority of the youth in Nigeria face problems of inadequate parental care, poor education, and lack of appropriate role models. Parents have a strong impact in the upbringing of their children by what attitudes and behaviour they reward putting unnecessarily high expectations on them the example they set by their own behaviour encouraging constructive activities being attentive that their child is not moving and mingling with friends that may practise unwanted behaviour.
What scope does a well-educated child have in Nigeria? The socio-political and economic environment in Nigeria places many limits on meeting the needs of the youth. Historically, it can be seen that the Nigerian youth have suffered neglect rather than encouragement.
The parents need the help of the government to bring to fruition all the hard work and sacrifice that they have undergone rearing their children.
The extended family and the other adults the parents interact with, will also play a role in the way the child develops and makes his judgements. Mothers and fathers mostly want their children to have what they did not have. The pressure and guidance they give is based on social appearances with the hope of a job with a high salary. They may not take into account the interests and aptitude of the child or the economic viability and demand. This demand from the parents pushes the youth into one stream of career choice which is detrimental to the nation as a whole. If 80 per cent of the young adults are graduates in the same subject, what will be the outcome when they enter the work place with the hope of starting a career? They need opportunities and support from their caregivers to grow, and choose careers based on their ability and the economy of their hometown.
Parents today largely blame society for their child’s negative behaviour. Although it may seem unfair, the family needs the support of society at large to prosper in the full sense. As Nigeria is gradually accepting modular homes, more and more parents can hope to have a comfortable lifestyle, which will only benefit the youth.
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