Can You Save A Lot By Eating More Fruits And Vegetables?

The benefit in eating more fruits and vegetables is not a financial gain it is in a healthy gain. Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet will begin to clean your system out and it will also clean your wallet out too. Although there are no known statistics for the weekly grocery list for a vegan or vegetarian, we can do an approximate guess on the average cost per week. However, keep in mind these numbers can inflate or deflate based upon the ages of the people in the family and will vary depending on the part of the country in which they live. Statistics that have been found for the average college student who is vegan spends is roughly


Menace Of Sorting In Universities

Education has been universally acclaimed as an indispensable tool for socio-economic revolution and transformation which is achieved through empowerment of its beneficiaries with knowledge, skills, attitude and disposition to enable them effect personal and national development. At present the ability of the university education in Nigeria to perform the above function effectively appears to be in doubt. This is as a result of the prevalence and ongoing intensity of the occurrence of sorting in the universities.
Sorting which is basically when an academically defiant student sorts himself out with the teacher or lecturer or the other persons in authority with a view of securing favors to wipe out that deficiency. This sorting term was an invention that creeped into the Nigeria University system in 1992, during the military regime of General Babaginda when very meager Salaries were paid to University lecturers. Out frustration, some naïve lecturers started illegal collection of money and gift items from student in exchange of impressive grades in favors of the students.


Maintenance of Discipline in Schools

Behavioral problems in schools generally are and have been an area of concern for teachers, education policy makers and the public in general. Discipline of the learners in schools has been and is still regarded as a valuable cornerstone of learning. Discipline refers to the kind of order involved in trying to reach appropriate standards or follow appropriate rules of engaging in a valued activity. The valued activity of learners involves all that is meant to be formally learned in school.
Discipline refers to understanding of what is right and wrong or self-discipline being more than obedience to rules. Learners will be self-disciplined if they understand their responsibilities and behave accordingly in a classroom or learning environment or valued activity.
Actions that are or can be linked to any anti-social behavior such as laziness or acts of violence are always associated with a lack of discipline.


University Admission Is a Major Problem for Students

  Education which is based on the 6-3-3-4 system entails 6 years in primary school, Three years in junior secondary and another three years in senior secondary and then finally four years in the university/tertiary education for a higher education degree was implemented in 1982 and was intended to help produce graduates who would be able to make use of their hands as well as their heads, but lately the major problem acting faced by youths who wish to further their education by attaining the 4 years higher degree is the admission process.

Nigerian Education system is so poor that only 40% of candidates who sat for the entrance examination are admitted into universities leaving the remaining 60% to wallow in pains and agony for losing out in the university admission system which is marked with by corruption and impunity.


How Parents Affect Career Plans of the Youth in Nigeria

The Best Future for the Youth in Nigeria
Children are the greatest assets of any nation.
They are the future and need the utmost care and attention. If they are carefully guided and educated and given opportunities to grow in their chosen fields, they will be the greatest source of strength, resourcefulness and creativity for the country. If left unattended with no opportunity for a good education and employment, they will be left to themselves and easily misguided, they can become a threat to the nation. The modular home project has helped give the Nigerian family the security and comfort it needs to bring up happy and secure children.
Parents are the first ones to teach and train a child from his or her infant-hood and continue to be one of the most important influences for the rest of their lives.

Although mostly positive, this influence can be negative. The mother more or less plays the vital role in molding the character of the child while the father is often away at work or absent completely.The majority of the youth in Nigeria face problems of inadequate parental care, poor education, and lack of appropriate role models. Parents have a strong impact in the upbringing of their children by what attitudes and behaviour they reward putting unnecessarily high expectations on them the example they set by their own behaviour encouraging constructive activities being attentive that their child is not moving and mingling with friends that may practise unwanted behaviour.


Illiteracy among Nigerian Adults

I’ve been fixating mainly on the challenges faced by the youths in education that I haven’t considered the adults, so after a little stake out research I was able to gather some of the education related challenges facing adults. The Adults are no doubt the leaders of today but there seems to be one general challenge when it comes to adults and that is illiteracy.
    Illiteracy, simply defined as a situation where a person can’t read or write, well this is one of the factors greatly posing an adverse effect on the development of a country’s educational standards. According to 2009 data from UNESCO, statistics showed that over 34.8 million adults in Nigeria are illiterates thereby ranking the highest in sub-Saharan Africa.
    Though this issue is treated with levity, it actually poses a major set-back to the educational development, after all we youths dwell on our elders for their wisdom an advice but what help can they be when they have so limited or no knowledge on