Can You Save A Lot By Eating More Fruits And Vegetables?

The benefit in eating more fruits and vegetables is not a financial gain it is in a healthy gain. Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet will begin to clean your system out and it will also clean your wallet out too. Although there are no known statistics for the weekly grocery list for a vegan or vegetarian, we can do an approximate guess on the average cost per week. However, keep in mind these numbers can inflate or deflate based upon the ages of the people in the family and will vary depending on the part of the country in which they live. Statistics that have been found for the average college student who is vegan spends is roughly
$75.00 per week. That is about $300 per month. The average family of four in a major metropolitan area runs about $600 per month. (2 adults and two teenagers). If we compare the two, the bottom line result is the single college student will spend about half the cost of the family of four to feed him or herself if he or she is eating only fruits and vegetables.

Each week the grocery stores offer ads that help move the merchandise they have overstocked and shoppers benefit from watching those ads and clipping manufacturer coupons to gain additional savings on their weekly food budget. However, there are no additional savings you can get by cutting out coupons for fruits and vegetables. Whatever the grocery store offers to sell them for is what you have to pay in order to get them. Let us not forget to mention that if you are buying organic fruits and vegetables you will be spending more. However, there are advantages of shopping at grocery warehouses – as they buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you. But, overall it does not do much to help you save on your weekly budget. 

In addition, to balance your diet you will have to purchase some type of protein in your diet as your muscles will starve without some form of protein to provide nourishment to them. That will be an added expense to your weekly food budget as well. Protein shakes begin at $17.95 - $30.00 for a week supplement at your average health store or vitamin shop. The average cost for a week supply runs approximately $23.97 plus tax. If we add that to your weekly grocery store budget now of $75.00 per week, you would be paying around $98.97 plus whatever the tax is in your state.

Let us not forget that you decide to go vegan or vegetarian you will need to add a calcium supplement which runs you .28 cents per day ($16.95 for 60 tablets) plus a multi-vitamin which will run you about .27 cents per day ($16.50 for 60 tablets). These two additional supplements total $3.85 per week to your budget. With your current budget at approximately $98.97 per week now adding these two supplements will now bring your total to approximately $102.82 per week plus tax.

Overall, the weekly cost of fruits and vegetables – organic or not – and taking calcium with vitamin D and the one a day multi-vitamin will need to have a balanced diet may make you feel better and your body will love you for it however, if you think you will be saving a lot of money by buying more fruits and vegetables think again. To eat healthy fruits and vegetables costs money. However, the benefit in the long run will outweigh the costs. No one can put a price on good health because it is priceless.

Kathleen Hubert is a blogger who writes on a variety of different sites. Check out more of her work at Prefab Houses.


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